Bali Just Implemented a Tourist Tax and Here’s What You Need to Know

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Bali is a beautiful and popular destination, which makes it an attractive option for travel lovers. However, the Indonesian province has implemented a tourist tax, which can be conveniently paid online. Here’s all the information you need if you’re currently planning your trip to this magical place.

Bali’s Tourist Fee

The new tax, which visitors can pay on the Love Bali site, is 150,000 Rupiah or $9.61. It was implemented recently, and it’s mandatory for everyone who wants to visit the destination. If you forget to pay in advance, you can do that at a cashless bank counter at the airport. If you’re paying online, you’ll need to use a credit card or enter your bank information as well as your passport number and arrival date.

The tax price is reasonable and aims to boost the tourism industry and encourage more creative activities. According to the official statement, it will also help keep tourism maintained and sustainable. The money will also be used to preserve the culture and traditions of Bali and improve the public transportation facilities and infrastructure. You can still visit Bali tax-free if you own a diplomatic or official visa, a student visa, or a temporary or permanent stay permit.

Tourist Taxes Becoming More Popular

Bali isn’t the first country to implement a tourist tax, and it likely won’t be the last. Venice is about to implement a fee for people visiting just for a day in addition to the tax for overnight guests. Iceland will also charge visitors in hopes of reaching the country’s climate and sustainability goals. Paris and Amsterdam have also raised the price of their fees.

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The good thing is that Bali has implemented the new tax during their less-crowded and visited season, which is January to March. If you visit in that window, you’ll benefit from the lower prices, but you’ll have to deal with humidity and rain.