3 Natural Eye Makeup Looks for Women Over 50 That Prove That Less Is More

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Women over 50 usually opt for more natural eye makeup instead of bolder looks like smoky eyes or glittery eyeshadows. However, this big change in style can make it harder to know what types of natural makeup looks to try out. If you’re looking for some inspiration to keep your makeup game as strong as it was when you were younger, here are three looks that will be perfect for you!

Why Less Is More

Before we dive in, let’s examine why “less is more” is the right mantra for older women. When women over 50 use heavy makeup, they only enhance their fine lines and dark pigmentation.

Subtle colors have the opposite effect, which is that they slightly highlight the features and even serve as an anti-aging tool. Plus, women over 50 feel more confident in their skin and don’t need too much makeup to hide their imperfections. They much prefer to be natural and authentic.

Peach Essence

You can never go wrong with a peachy color. It looks super natural on the eyelids but is also pigmented and shimmering enough to hide any blemishes around your eyes. Only apply it to the lids, as the skin above them is usually textured. Focus on the half circle of your lid and avoid the outer edges. If you still want a bit of a glow moment, you can mix matte and luminous shadows.

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Dust some pink eyeshadow with an eyeliner brush along your lash line. Then, use a fluffy brush to apply eyeshadow to the top of the lids right below the crease. Apply it to the outer edge as well.

Bronze Eye “Blush”

One of our bronze look inspirations is definitely Jennifer Aniston. Here’s how to get the look. Start with a subtle canvas and add a warmer tone with a bronzer! Also, if you want your eyelashes to look as natural as possible, use a mascara free of tar, as it won’t make them clumpy.

A great idea is to apply some tinted moisturizer to get a translucent, glowing look. Then, add your favorite bronzer just above the lids. This eye makeup is really that simple.

Soft Beige Smudges

Beige hues can help sculpt your lids without using any bold colors. The best way to achieve the look is to use two tones of beige: a darker one in the crease and along the lash line and a warmer one on the inner corner.

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Start with some matte beige shadow along the top lash line using a small smudging brush. Then, use a soft, fluffy brush and continue with darker beige in the crease. It will help you get a nicely blended eye makeup look instead of harsh lines.