The Curly Bob Is the Coolest Haircut for Volume and a Bouncy Texture

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Curly bobs not only look fun but add character to your overall appearance. They are fun, natural, and super bouncy. But what is the right way to cut and style your hair? Find out in this article and start the year with a new look. Rest assured that all eyes will be on you!

Why Choose a Curly Bob?

Besides the obvious cool-girl effect, curly bobs provide structure and framing to your face. Of course, you need to consider your natural hair texture. As curls fall a little triangularly, you need to ask for a custom cut by your hairdresser. They also tend to shrink more as they dry, so keep that in mind.

Experts suggest taking guidelines at the back and sides while your hair is still wet. It will allow you to determine the perfect length. Then, blow-dry before cutting to see how the hair will look when dry and styled. If the hair is still wet, the strands will shrink and look shorter once completely dry.

How to Style a Curly Bob

When washing your hair, go for curl-coaxing products that work well with your curls, whether creams or oils or a mousse or gel. You can also take sections of hair and twist them to create thicker curls and blow dry them on medium heat and low speed. Then, turn your head upside down and continue blow drying.

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If your hair is not naturally curly, you can still get the look. You’ll simply need a curling iron and attachments with different thicknesses. Use them to curl hair sections going in different directions. Some should be curled toward your face, and others should be curled away. If you’re aiming for a bouncier texture, use a thinner wand. Also, avoid going down to the ends of your hair. It will help you achieve that natural wavy look.